28, February 2017    1, Jamadi-ul-Akhir 1438
Descriptions: Sunni Dawate Islami Weekly Ijtema
Date: Sunday 26 Feb 2017
Time: 10:00 pm IST onwards
Venue: SDI Markaz, Ismail Habib Masjid, Mumbai
Aqaid Ahle Sunnah
The Ambia are more superior than all the creation including the Angels that are Rasools. No matter how exalted a Wali may be, he can never be equal to a Nabi.
Islamic History
Sayyidatuna Aamina Radi Allahu Tala Anha said When the Holy Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) was born, I saw that three flags were hoisted - one in the east, one in the west and one on the roof of the Kaba.
(Khasais al-Kubra, Vol. 1, Page 82, Published from Dar al-Kutub Ilmia)
Sunni Dawate Islami is an international, non-political and purely religious movement. It promotes the propagation of the true beliefs of Islam under the teaching of the true sect of Ahle Sunnah Wa Jama'ah.
Whats New
- Alhumdolillah 26th Sunni Ijtema completed successfully.
- Complete audio of Sunni Ijtema (Day 1 and Day 2) available now.
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O People who Believe! Do not enter the houses except your own until you obtain permission and have conveyed peace upon its inhabitants; this is better for you, in order that you may ponder.
Noor 24:27
Allah is Kind and likes kindness in all things. Reporter: Hadhrat Ayeshah (Radiallahu anha)
Sunan Ibn Majah, #3684
Abdullah bin Khubaib Radi Allahu Taala Unho narrates that one dark, gloomy, rainy night,we came out in search of Rasulullah Sallalaho Alaihi wasallam. When we finally found him he said to us: "Read!" We asked: "What must we read?" He replied: "Recite Surah al Ikhlas - Surah al Falaq - Surah an Nas - 3 times in the morning and evening. It will suffice for you against all evil things (witchcraft, blackmagic, mischief of jin, etc.)."
Daily Quotes
There are three signs of a true man, to fulfill ones promise, to praise without a motive and to give without being asked to give.
Asad al-Din Abu Mahfuz Maroof al-Karkhi Alaihir Rahmah
Prayer Time
MUMBAI: (Fajar 05:46) - (Zohar 12:51) - Asar(17:06) - (Magrib 18:44) - (Isha 19:57)      DELHI: (Fajar 05:29) - (Zohar 12:34) - Asar(16:42) - (Magrib 18:20) - (Isha 19:39)      CHENNAI: (Fajar 05:15) - (Zohar 12:21) - Asar(16:39) - (Magrib 18:18) - (Isha 19:28)      KOLKATA: (Fajar 04:44) - (Zohar 11:49) - Asar(16:02) - (Magrib 17:40) - (Isha 18:54)
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