04, July 2020    13, Zil-Qad 1441
Aqaid Ahle Sunnah
The Ambia are more superior than all the creation including the Angels that are Rasools. No matter how exalted a Wali may be, he can never be equal to a Nabi.
Islamic History
Sayyidatuna Aamina Radi Allahu Tala Anha said When the Holy Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) was born, I saw that three flags were hoisted - one in the east, one in the west and one on the roof of the Kaba.
(Khasais al-Kubra, Vol. 1, Page 82, Published from Dar al-Kutub Ilmia)
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And indeed whoever patiently endured and forgave - then indeed these are acts of great courage.
Shoora 42:43
The world is prison for the believers and paradise for the disbelievers. Reporter: Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radiallahu anhu)
Sahih Muslim, Vol. 4, #7058
 Lord! Decide with justice between us and our people - and Yours is the best decision."
Daily Quotes
Do not be disillusioned by the enormity of the universe.
Hadrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Mueen al-Deen Chishti Ajmeri Alaihir Rahmah
Prayer Time
MUMBAI: (Fajar 04:43) - (Zohar 12:43) - Asar(17:20) - (Magrib 19:20) - (Isha 20:43)      DELHI: (Fajar 04:02) - (Zohar 12:26) - Asar(17:15) - (Magrib 19:23) - (Isha 20:49)      CHENNAI: (Fajar 04:28) - (Zohar 12:13) - Asar(16:47) - (Magrib 18:40) - (Isha 19:58)      KOLKATA: (Fajar 03:31) - (Zohar 11:41) - Asar(16:19) - (Magrib 18:25) - (Isha 19:51)
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