01, February 2015    11, Rabi-ul-Akhir 1436
Aqaid Ahle Sunnah
Almighty Allah is "Waajibul Wajood" (His existence is necessary). His non-existence is absolutely impossible (Muhaal).
Islamic History
As our beloved Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, was born a radiant light accompanied him and he lifted his head towards the heavens and the mother of Uthman Abil-As son witnessed stars lowering themselves and a light so bright appeared that she could see nothing other than light.
Dalail an-Nabuwwah lil Bayhaqi, Vol. 1, Page 113
Musnad Imam Ahmad, Vol. 4, Page 127
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On the day when We shall summon every group along with its leader; so whoever is given his register in his right hand - these will read their accounts and their rights will not be suppressed even a thread. (* They will be given the full reward.)
Bani Israel 17:71
when Abu Lahab died, someone from his household saw him in a dream, they asked him what happened in the grave he said “I am being punished severely, but on Mondays, I get water from my finger with which I am freed Thuwayba,
(Bukhari, “Kitaab-un-Nikaah”, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 38
Rabbi ijAAalnee muqeema alssalati wamin thurriyyatee Rabbana wa taqabbal Dua. O my Lord! Maintain me as one who establishes prayer, and some of my descendants; O our Lord! and accept my prayer.
Daily Quotes
Though I be in the west and my disciple in the East, if a world goes to attack him, I know. I will save him.
Sayyiduna Ghawth al-Aazam Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani Radi Allahu Taala Anho
Prayer Time
MUMBAI: (Fajar 5:58) - (Zohar 12:52) - Asar(16:56) - (Magrib 18:32) - (Isha 19:47)      DELHI: (Fajar 05:49) - (Zohar 12:35) - Asar(16:23) - (Magrib 18:00) - (Isha 19:21)      CHENNAI: (Fajar 05:22) - (Zohar 12:22) - Asar(16:33) - (Magrib 18:10) - (Isha 19:23)      KOLKATA: (Fajar 04:59) - (Zohar 11:50) - Asar(15:48) - (Magrib 17:24) - (Isha 18:41)
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