15, April 2014    14, Jamadi-ul-Akhir 1435
Aqaid Ahle Sunnah
Allah does what and as He Wills, for there is none with control over Him, and there is none that can stop Him from doing that which He Wills.
Islamic History
Hazrat Nooh Alahisalam continued to call his people to believe in Allah for nine hundred fifty years.
{reference - Surah Ankabut 29:13}
Sunni Dawate Islami is an international, non-political and purely religious movement. It promotes the propagation of the true beliefs of Islam under the teaching of the true sect of Ahle Sunnah Wa Jama'ah.
Whats New
- Audio Lectures Series "Ahle Sunnat Ko Paigam" by Maulana Yunus Misbahi released
- Muzda e Bakhshish available for download In Urdu Literature Section
- New Videos of Ameere Sunni Dawate Islami added in Media section.
Say, “Upon Allah’s munificence and upon His mercy - upon these should the people rejoice”; that is better than all their wealth and possessions.
Yunus 10:58
I have never touched silk or Dibaj (i.e. thick silk) softer than the palm of the Prophet nor have I smelt a perfume nicer than the sweat of the Prophet
Sahih Bukhari, Vol 2, no 815
Our Lord! Do not put us along with the unjust
Daily Quotes
A generous person is the beloved of Almighty ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala even though he is a transgressor. A miser is the enemy of Almighty ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala although he may pray and remember Almighty ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala excessively.
Sayyiduna Umar al-Farooq Radi Allahu Taala Anho
PRAYER TIME MUMBAI: (Fajar 5:07) - (Zohar 12:39) - Asar(17:07) - (Magrib 18:56) - (Isha 20:11)      DELHI: (Fajar 04:34) - (Zohar 12:21) - Asar(16:57) - (Magrib 18:47) - (Isha 20:09)      CHENNAI: (Fajar 04:44) - (Zohar 12:09) - Asar(16:31) - (Magrib 18:22) - (Isha 19:34)      KOLKATA: (Fajar 04:00) - (Zohar 11:37) - Asar(16:08) - (Magrib 17:57) - (Isha 19:14)
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